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Christian leaders: commanding leaders, or persuasive servants?

No time for a full post on how best for all concerned to view leaders in a church, but I will firmly say that this bit of biblical study (make sure you read all the biblical uses towards the end) and this bit speak volumes (that often go unsaid . . . I wonder why?).  Let’s hear what these biblical words are often saying and then listen to Jesus again (and again) and let it all simmer for several hours, maybe even weeks and years.  Then maybe even think about good marriages you know: do husbands (or wives, for that matter) lead by command and exercise authority over their spouses, or by service, by putting the other family members first and by persuasion based on their demonstrated character?  I know, it ain’t rocket science.  I’m glad someone is finally getting the word out that the bible’s own language says the same thing that we all acknowledge in healthy marriages.