Jesus. Real Life.

Life of Love (“LOL”) thoughts – what spurs you?

We’ve had our second Life of Love meeting (affectionately nicknamed “LOL” group). As I expressed at LOL, I’m deeply grateful for the group.  Kim facilitated and did a marvelous job, and everyone had great things to say. I can’t even blog long because cooperating with love today, for me, requires that I prioritize some work this morning.  But even feeling this constraint is great success. Love’s call to me has grown stronger as I, at least weekly, or even daily, affirm it as my chief vocation. I feel it gently calling at all aspects of my life more often throughout the day.  And knowing that the call of love is the call of God in Christ makes this voice more comforting and compelling at the same time. I could go on, but love calls me now in the form of returning e-mails, doing work for clients and getting my and my family’s bills paid as I promised.

I’ll leave with a question or two: What experience or practice makes you feel most loved by God and/or more inclined to love others?  Is there any way for y0u to “pursue love” on your own or with others?


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