Jesus. Real Life.

Turn here

Have you noticed how easy it is for one’s Christianity, one’s faith, to become a side show, one hobby among many, rather than the center of one’s life and motives?  For my part, I am in a stage of repentance.  I cannot say that my existence of late can be best described as myself no longer really living replaced by Christ living through me.  Rather, my life of late has been me largely going after what I want, doing some of what he wants, even working with him from time to time, while wearing various pieces of “Jesus veneer.”  I say “veneer” because I’m disturbed at how thin the Jesus I’m wearing is, or has become.

It’s just so easy to try to live your own life for yourself.  It’s right there.  It seems so logical.

But I can’t keep it.  It’s like building sand castles at low tide.

Lord, help me stop building everything that’s doomed to fall down.  Help me give up my pursuits, deny myself, and work and rest at your direction alone, for the sake of everyone around me.


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