Jesus. Real Life.

The core: “Jesus is Lord” pt. 3 – “Jesus”

In the first post in this brief series, I said I’d post on each word of this central, and original “creed” of Christianity.  I could (and may still) end this series with a post on “Jesus.” I mentioned at the end of the last post:

I’ll leave you to the gospels, to Acts, to the letters to find out what all is in this king’s agenda and regular activities.  It’s good, good stuff, though, I’ll tell you that right now.

Because of the power of this government, everything about Jesus, the one Christ-ened with power by God to lead and transform, is news.  The specifics of what he does with God’s power and what he commands and empowers us to do is what makes the news good.

Who is this Jesus that God has given all authority in heaven and the earth?  What’s his agenda?  What are his priorities?  To answer this question I urge people to read the gospels.  Please intentionally try to shelve what your own tradition tells you are Jesus’ priorities.  Let Matthew give you his take.  Let Mark and Luke do the same.  Let John.  Let Jesus.  Look at his actions and words and try to discern what this guy is about.  Reading any one gospel only takes a half-hour or so.  I guarantee that reading any one of them, if you’ve never done it, will shift your idea about who Jesus is and what matters to him. 

Warning: you may find yourself wondering why your church does what it does and how.


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