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Vineyard: looking back, looking around, looking ahead

Jason Clark at Deep Church and some friends are going to be doing a series regarding the Vineyard movement/denomination. (HT: Steven Hamilton)  Those that know me know I largely identify with Vineyard theology, practice and values, even though I’m currently part of a non-denom church plant in West Palm.  So I’ll be watching and commenting on these conversations with much interest.  I think the Vineyard’s spirituality (its particular integration of Christian values, beliefs and practices) has much to offer the Church and the world in the years to come, yet I also believe that, like all Christian movements, it must change, it must refine, in order to have the best possible impact and be the best instrument of God that it can be.

I’m thinking I’ll not only comment on what is likely to be some great conversations at Jason’s blog, but also post a few thoughts here, particularly regarding some approaches to life and faith that I’ve learned as part of a Vineyard church that are very valuable to me (and that I continue to recommend) as well as the specific areas where I think improvement would be helpful.


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