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i-Monk, one last time (this month)

If i-Monk will quit posting on themes that are shaping our church plant, I’ll quit linking to him.  Here’s an excerpt on his latest post, wondering how many churches are truly “communities of repentance.”  Read the whole post, titled, Is There A Place To Repent? (Or Must I Make This Journey Alone?).

I wonder how many who hear preachers inveigh against viewing internet porn are also sitting in a fellowship where there is a place one can confess, experience acceptance and become accountable for such a struggle with sin? How many are sitting in a place where Paul could write I Corinthians 6:9 with a modern list of shocking sins, but no one can say “I was one of those, but thanks to the Gospel I heard and experienced here, I am that no more?”

This is a big reason we’re prioritizing workout groups and making widespread use of our version of the 12 steps.  Change happens within a supportive (and skilled) community, generally speaking, or not at all. We want to be a community of repentance for people caught in bad stuff common to us all.


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