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AA, Church & the Mission of God – transformation needs more than a sermon

I think I’m gonna stop numbering the AA, Church and Mission of God series.  It’s an overrated feature.

I could have just called what follows The Post of the Month from I-Monk, but it’s also a reason we’re taking a different approach, informed by AA among others, as we seek authentic transformation along the lines of Jesus.  I recommend taking in the whole post.

[T]he model of Christian spiritual formation now extent in worship is one that sees the 40 minute information dump as the primary means of spiritual growth. The sermon, the sermon and the sermon from the preacher, the theologian and the teacher. Plus a daily quiet time. That’s evangelical spiritual formation in a nutshell. . .

It’s hit me like a ton of bricks this past year: the blogosphere is full of voices that think we are all a bunch of big brains, and nothing more. We need more information. More data. More sermons. More books. More facts. More lectures. We are what we think. We are what we hear, read and think. So open up those brains and pour it in…after an appropriate prayer. . .

What thousands of evangelicals are experiencing is not a call from the Holy Spirit to become an overstuffed theological brain with a vocabulary that can only be decoded by a committee of seminary professors and a reading list that looks like the “atonement” shelf at a seminary bookstore.

No, they- we- are longing for authentic humanness in the Gospel. A full and genuine human experience. Normal human life as God created and recreated it. Not more information in a competition to quote the most scripture and do the best imitation of a walking apologetics class. Not more religion of the (fill in the blank) _______ sort. No….humanness made alive in the incarnation. Created, incarnated, redeemed, resurrected humanity.

UPDATE: And check out this conversation on recycled sermons at Jesus Creed.  Same problem, but on the supply side of the equation.


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