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Replay: “Sure, I’ll manage that for you . . .”

Love that green

Love that green

(This is an old post that maybe helps understand some of the more recent topics . . . enjoy)


It’s unfortunate to me that the word that best encapsulates current evangelical teaching on money is ‘stewardship.’ I totally dig the reasoning that God owns everything, therefore, I must steward his stuff, not mine. However, we’re running by a few steps that Jesus camped out on. I think it’s fair to say that whenever Jesus talked about money, he talked like he was talking to a group of addicts. As always, I’m open to hearing some disagreement on that point, but I don’t think the guts of his message was “steward it”; the guts of his teaching seems to be “put it down, and then take my hand.” Now, what happens when you tell a group of addicts to ‘steward’ the object of their affection? . . . Something very similar to what we have now in American churches, I think. Of course, our whole lives become an issue of stewardship (being a good, trustworthy servant) eventually, but we’ve got to give up ‘stewarding’ our very lives before we’re even a student of Jesus (again, according to Jesus). The first issue that must be dealt with, and repeated as necessary, is our white-knuckle grip on our lives, our dreams, our cash. Jesus’ counsel is not to steward it, but to lose it, and follow him.

I know this has big implications. But the first issue to be dealt with when it comes to money isn’t stewardship or tithing, but attachment, at least according to Jesus.


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