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Kingdom Living pt. 1 – Introduction

A few years ago, Todd Hunter and Dallas Willard got together to do some seminars on “Kingdom Living.”  I believe the subtitle was “Living in the Character and Power of God.”  I never managed to attend one of these seminars, though I heard some of the recordings, and have studied what these guys have said a great deal.  The twin goals mentioned in the subtitle has always struck a chord with me: the character of God & the power of God; the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit, so to speak.  In fact, the only key aspects of ‘kingdom’, to me, that that I’d want to also be explicit about would be the ‘communal’ and ‘for the sake of others’ aspects, though one could certainly say that such are part of the triune ‘character’ of God as I know Dallas and Todd believe they are.

As we keep moving forward in planting Bow Down in West Palm, these four features of God’s kingdom–it’s character, power, and community for the sake of others–are firming up in my mind as important goals for us.  What’s more, I see

as way-of-life practices of cooperation with God and of resistance to other would-be leaders, that can help us ‘enter’ or ‘receive’ these central aspects of the kingdom of God, and help others do the same.  More to come on each and how they complement each other well.  I see these practices as moving us toward living out a missional/incarnational theology of the kingdom of God.  Thoughts?


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