Jesus. Real Life.

A Story . . .

Scot Mcknight has asked a question that made me think of this recent story from the downtown community of West Palm Beach, in which we are planting a church.  First, Scot’s question:

What are the major differences between “Christianity” and “following Jesus”?

And now, the story.  My partner in planting, Chris Tress, lives downtown and occasionally walks the streets just to talk to people.  A man approaches him. 

“You straight?” he asks Chris.  [This is basically short hand for asking if Chris wants drugs or not.  An answer of “I’m straight” is a “No, thanks.”]

“No, man; I’m straight.” Chris answers. “I’ve got Jesus, man.  I don’t need drugs.”

“Oh, I’m a Christian, man,” he responds.  “I’m a Christian,” he repeats.

“You are?  You’re out here trying to sell me drugs.  Look, Jesus says, ‘If you’re not gathering things together with me, you’re scattering them apart; If you’re not working with me, you’re working against me.’ 

“Jesus said that?!” the man says with genuine surprise. “Is that in the King James?”


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